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PEP have significant experience in the field of BIM and continues to promote it as a way of bettering the construction process through efficiency in design and communication, product value and risk mitigation.

We offer a wide range of services from the structural and civil consultant role, through to acting as a BIM Co-ordinator, or simply providing BIM consultancy services to advise how to implement and maximise the use BIM on the project.


Structural Consultant – Provide a fully designed structural model in accordance with the Structural Information Delivery Schedule – Please note that all model parameters can be exported to a common data environment. Schedules, Materials List, Component Lists can all be outputted from the model. The structure is modelled within Autodesk Revit.

Civil Consultant – Provide a fully designed civils model authored in Autodesk Civil 3D with some workflow with Windes Microdrainage. Manholes Schedules, Alignment Schedules can be exported.

BIM Co-ordinator – To act on behalf of the client, co-ordinating submissions and model exchange; review the models in line with the BIM Execution Plan set out by the information manager; Federate model files; maintain model archives and backups at project milestones; attend an agreed number of design team meetings for realtime co-ordination and clash checking.

BIM Consultant –  To support the information manager in writing / reviewing the necessary BIM documentation; to support the information manager and design team in the use of the BIM Toolkit; support information manager during CAPEX – OPEX model transition; to support the quantity surveyor on drawing relevant information and schedules from the task team models; to support the contractor utilising BIM for construction programming, simulation of virtual construction; to support the team on site using BIM software on tablets / devices.

Structural Information Delivery Schedule

PEP Civil + Structures have worked on a significant amount of BIM enabled projects over the past few years with a varying client base and set of deliverables. With the difference in requirements, PEP have had to develop a sturdy and full set of BIM standards.

As part of the development and writing of these standards, PEP have now formulated a Structural Information Delivery Schedule (SIDS). The SIDS forms an integral part of the Task Information Delivery Plan as set out in the PAS1192-2 which by definition collaborates with other TIDP’s to form the Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP). 

The SIDS lists out all of the family parameters based within the structural model and maps them to the RIBA Plan of Work 2013.

As the design develops, the Level of Definition increases within the structural model and so to does the number of ‘active’ parameters within the model. 

Taking it one step further, it also goes onto define what parameters we would typically map across to the common data environment (CDE). We work closely with a number of KIER regions and as such, most of the development and testing of mapping across to a CDE has been exercised with BIMXtra, a Clearbox product

In summary, the Structural Information Delivery Schedule removes ambiguity and provides assurance and certainty to the contractor / client of what information they will receive at each of the work stages. 

To access the SIDS, download here:

B2.00 – PEP Structural Information Delivery Schedule